Coloured hardware trends

Total Hardware has reported that it is seeing strong demand for its anthracite grey and tungsten coloured hardware.

Chris Pell, general manager at Total Hardware, said: “Coloured profiles have been an important trend for a while across the industry, especially in the post-lockdown boom in the domestic sector. It’s interesting to see how this is translating into hardware trends and we are pleased to be able to fulfil the demand.”

Total Hardware launched its anthracite grey and tungsten coloured hardware options at the end of 2020 because it identified a clear opportunity to fulfil an expanding market.

“[They] perfectly complement the contemporary profile colour choice of anthracite grey and help create a sophisticated appearance where the hardware blends in rather than standing out,” Chris said.

Total recently expanded its Leeds stock distribution centre by 20% so it can carry greater stock levels.

“By holding greater levels of stock we’ve been able to supply more of our ranges to our growing customer base quickly,” Chris said.