Ravensby Glass was awarded BS EN 14449 certification for its toughened laminated and heat-strengthened laminated glass.

The company recently installed a Pujol 100 50 X 28 fast curing laminating machine to allow it to create high performance heat-strengthened toughened laminated and toughened laminated glass. 

They offer EVA interlayers which offer outstanding long-term weather resistance, excellent light transmission and high UV protection.

Ravensby Glass can also offer PVB interlayers which offer reduced sound transmission and UV protection. Another option Ravensby Glass can offer is sound reduction laminated glass which incorporates acoustic interlayers. This provides exceptional sound control performance which is useful in many noise-filled environments. Sentry interlayers are also available which offer resistance towards breakage and vandalism. 

Toughened laminate glass offers the end customer both safety and security aspects to their glass balustrades through varying thicknesses of glass, ranging from 8.8mm to 31.5mm.

“Ravensby Glass is dedicated to continuous improvement and adhere to strict quality standards,” a spokesperson for the company said. “This is why we have been awarded BS EN 14449 from The British Standards Institute. Impact testing and quality checks are carried out on a regular basis to ensure the products we supply are meeting the high standards we set ourselves.”