Certainty in an uncertain world

Specialist Laminates has taken steps to guarantee supply of EVA regardless of the uncertainties surrounding Brexit and future world trade agreements.

The Leeds-based specialist in EVA laminating film and ancillary laminated products has invested in additional warehousing space to allow for a significant increase in stockholding to ensure no customers are left short.

“We have seen a 60% rise in demand year on year for our Unilam EVA owing to the fantastic performance and ease of use in production,” sales director Nolan Millard said. “To safeguard our position and guarantee continuity of supply for our customers in the face of uncertainties around world trade, we felt it was the right decision to expand and increase our supply capability.

“Our Unilam EVA film is widely regarded as one of the best available and is fully tested and accredited to BS/EN/ISO and we have the distinction of being one of the only EVA films to pass EN12600 with 4mm heat strengthened glass, which makes it easy for our customers to achieve EN 14449.

“We supply some of the UK’s largest laminating glass manufacturers and our film is suitable for all EVA ovens regardless of manufacturer. Our dedicated in-house laminated specialists offer full technical support for product trials and testing making it easy to switch to our material.”

What is also encouraging for many companies eying up this lucrative and buoyant market, is that the entry costs are relatively low for EVA laminating and Specialist Laminates can offer a variety of eye-catching deals for new machinery through sister company Unilam Machinery.

“We now offer rental deals on EVA laminating machines, 0% interest finance, and a guaranteed buy back/trade-in service to make it easier for our customers to upgrade once they realise just what a profitable market laminate glass actually is.”

Laminate ovens fit with the modern trend for companies to handle more of the glass processing functions in house, rather than buying in from a third-party supplier, offering benefits such as full quality control and reasonable set-up costs, the company said.

As glass processors become more technologically advanced, it is likely that the demand for EVA and indeed more laminate ovens will become more commonplace.