Bright idea

Two glow-in-the-dark Night Bright colours have been added to Brisant Secure’s Keycap and Keyring range for Ultion keys.

Homeowners can choose from one of 10 bright colours so they can easily identify the keys by door or person. With Keyring, homeowners can also track their keys using their smartphone, making them ring when they can’t find them.

Brisant Secure’s CEO Nick Dutton said: “The two Night Bright colours make Keycap and Keyring even more visible. They glow in the dark, so homeowners won’t be fumbling for their keys anymore. And even though they have this extra benefit, the Night Bright colours are the same price as the other eight colours.”

Keyring is fitted with TrackR technology, which links via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The app shows the user where their key was the last time it was in range of the phone. Homeowners can use the app to make the key ring so it’s even easier to find. They can use the key to make their smartphone ring if it’s lost and on silent.