Seminars for compliance

Yale is offering expert advice on safeguarding residents and properties with its free Riba-accredited CPD seminars.

The information provided in the CPD sessions aims to educate attendees on the latest building regulations, British standards and up-to-date guidance from Secured by Design and the National House Building Council.

John Pearl, project specification manager for Yale Door and Window Solutions, said: “By seeking advice and learning all the facts, you can avoid costly mistakes with your window and door ironmongery specification.

“As the experts in home security, we can provide up-to-date information to help specifiers select hardware that will not only successfully address safety, security and fire escape issues, but will also maintain and improve professionalism and knowledge on subjects relevant to your job.”

John continued: “Being members of Riba’s CPD Providers Network, we understand that continuous professional development plays an important role in job progression, so we’re delighted to be able to offer these free seminars and to help contribute to growing expertise within the industry.”

Yale DWS currently offers four CPD seminars: ‘Specifying Windows’, ‘Specifying Doors and Windows’, ‘Secure Escape’ and ‘Open and Shut Case for Natural Ventilation and Sustainability’. Each session aims to specifically address personal concerns and challenges.