Bohle’s Juna shower hinge now available for saunas

Bohle’s high-end Juna shower hinge is now available for use on sauna doors up to 800mm x 2,000mm, creating opportunities for installation companies working on high-value projects.

Developed and designed by Bohle, the new Juna hinge for glass shower doors boasts minimum gap dimensions, which give a clean high-quality appearance. Tested to 20,000 cycles, the hinges have a load capacity of 32kg and are available in two versions: glass to glass, and glass to wall. Both of these are available in three finishes: shiny chrome, stainless steel and black.

“Our Juna hinge has been popular with customers working on bathrooms in the upper end of the market since it was launched two years ago,” said Bohle’s managing director, Dave Broxton.

“Not only is it clearly a quality product, which gives a ‘wow’ factor, but it means companies are unlikely to be called back to jobs because of problems, which means they keep customers, win recommendations, and improve their bottom line.

“It made sense that this option was extended from bathrooms to saunas, where a focus on quality is even more evident, and we have seen work from the luxury end of the market increase during 2023 as volume work slowed slightly.

“It’s also important to maintain a quality product offering, especially as we start to see evidence of companies competing solely on price. There will always be part of the market where cost is secondary to quality, and those companies that can meet this demand will be rewarded with higher margins.”

The Juna shower door hinge was also designed with the installer in mind. For example, the zero-position adjusting screw is easily accessible and enables convenient adjustment: the clamping screws and the zero-position fixing screw have uniform screw heads, which can be tightened with just one tool, reducing clutter and inconvenience on site.

Furthermore, the centred mounting plate is designed to perfectly locate the cover cap, which guarantees a firm and precise fit.

“In keeping with the attitude to improvements elsewhere in the home, we are seeing people gravitate towards higher value installations, which includes saunas,” said Dave. “This means there is no better time for installers to have the Juna shower door hinge in their product portfolio.”