Avantek shortlisted at G23s

Avantek Machinery is a finalist for the G Awards in the 2023 Machinery Supplier of the Year category.

This award recognises companies who supply machinery and associated services to customers and examines the work they do during and after the life of a project.

Avantek Machinery is a supplier of fenestration machinery, specialising in offering high quality tooling and equipment with short lead times, together with a full range of spares stocked in the UK – all backed up by comprehensive service options.

Often referred to as the ‘A-Team’, Avantek’s dedicated, handpicked team members have a wealth of experience and expertise gained over decades within the industry. This is supported up by a solid reputation for a quality driven approach – Avantek is known for delivering timely installations, excellent technical support and unparalleled customer service to address the various challenges of window manufacture.