Arisser launched following industry demands

Flat Glass Solutions has launched the Tenon Fast Horizontal Seaming (arrissing) Machine.

As a result of extensive studies and market research, coupled with the vast experience in glass edge treatment, Tenon developed an automatic horizontal seaming machine (model TWM) with cup grinding wheels.

This design is in response to the needs and demands of the market, which experiences difficulties with vertical edging using diamond belts or ‘vee’ type wheels.

The automatic horizontal seaming machine is used to remove the sharp edges of glass before tempering, by grinding all four sides using four separate and individually controlled heads each with four grinding wheels. The TWM horizontal seamer automatically adjusts for different glass sizes and thicknesses, and can be connected directly in line with a horizontal washing machine.

“The first and only four-headed seaming machine on the market until 2017 was developed by Tenon,” Flat Glass Solutions said. “This fast seamer is the market leader in horizontal edging and is largely maintenance free. Giving a perfect edge every time, the four-head seamer makes the best use of the peripheral diamond wheels, and typically reduces edging costs by up to 75%.”

As a result of total automation, any size and thickness is automatically determined and the machine adjusts accordingly. Once the operator has loaded the glass, everything else is controlled by the seamer. Glass dimensions are determined on the loading table and the four separate and individually controlled heads – each with four grinding wheels – automatically position themselves.

The glass is driven into the machine by rubber wheels to the underside only. Once the glass is in the seaming section vertical and horizontal clamps then drive the product forward, which means nothing on the top surface is touched.

“This is a major advantage over other similar machines which use a top sucker system with the potential to damage the glass surface,” the company said.

All parameters on the machine are easily adjustable via the user-friendly computer.

Flat Glass Solutions in combination with Tenon, will be demonstrating this machine at Glasstec.