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After the launch of its Approved Commercial Installer Network (ACIN), Astraseal has seen would-be members looking to join the initiative; Sussex-based commercial glazing installer Newview was the first to join.

Newview, which operates in the south-east and also serves Heathrow and West London, has started receiving leads from Astraseal for commercial projects in its area.

Astraseal completes all the preparation work beforehand, contacting developers to work out the specifications and drawing up the quote. They then provide Newview with the supply element, which only has to add its own costs and then submit the completed tender package to the client.

“We are so pleased to welcome Newview to the ACIN and we look forward to building a partnership where they can help us meet the demand for our commercial services, and we can help them develop new commercial relationships,” Astraseal’s sales and marketing manager Zac Nedimovic said.

“The ACIN is a win, win situation. Astraseal is in the unique position as a supplier as we receive daily tenders where our services and products have been specified, our approved installers like Newview receive leads worth between £50k-£500k in their area.”

Newview director Michele Wietscher said: “We are delighted to be the first installer to join the ACIN. Although we were initially sceptical, we have already started receiving a number of leads including a project worth £half-a-million. To receive quality leads in our catchment area where the preparation work has already been completed and the client vetted, gives us added peace of mind that our whole supply chain is protected and working cohesively.”

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