Virus crisis white paper

A white paper produced by Pace Resourcing entitled ‘A new way to approach performance management’ is helping managers navigate employee-related challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

It forms the first of a series of three guides from the recruitment company that supports employers on staff-related matters.

Pace Resourcing decided to produce the series after recognising that business leaders must adapt and find new ways of working, particularly in the field of employee management.

Director Vivien Globe said: “With home-working set to continue after the end of the furlough scheme, and social distancing and the economic situation all shaping a new business landscape, businesses will need help tackling the big challenges they are going to face while adapting to the new normal.

“Our first white paper is intended to support business leaders as they transition their organisations and working practices, helping to arm them with the agility and skills they will need.”

The first white paper tackles the need for a dynamic, flexible and easy performance management process to replace traditional appraisal systems and their associated inefficiencies and limitations. The guide outlines what continuous performance management is, how it can be easily implemented, and the positive impact on business it achieves.

In the current climate of remote working, the guide explains why a dynamic approach to performance management should be the preferred one for managers, detailing the differences between this and more traditional methods.

The paper also explains how to implement continuous performance management in a series of clear steps. Business benefits, once the approach has been taken, include: efficient and effective staff performance; fairer and more accurate staff assessments; a more engaged management style; a more supportive and encouraging management team; and improved staff morale and retention.

In essence, the paper reveals how a more collaborative manager/employee approach supports enhanced employee performance.

Pace Resourcing’s next guide will tackle how home-working issues such as physical and mental wellbeing impact on staff performance, and what the potential impacts are for employers.