Ultraroof wins again

The Ultraroof solid roof system from Ultraframe has won Best Use of a Solid Conservatory Roof System at the recent Pitched Roofing Awards in recognition of an installation by Ultraframe customer, Green and Heritage Roofing of Halifax.

It is the second time that the Ultraroof system has triumphed at the awards, following a win in the same category in 2019. The system features a choice of authentic looking tile options that are designed to suit any style of property.

The 2021 winning project saw an old conservatory with a polycarbonate roof transformed into an energy efficient extension with the addition of an Ultraroof featuring full length glazed panels. A change in the shape meant the project was technically difficult, but this was not a problem for the Ultraroof system as it can be used for any shape or size of roof. The judges of the Pitched Roofing Awards commented that they ‘were very impressed at the vast improvement made by Green and Heritage Roofing’.

Chris Hopkins of Green and Heritage Roofing, said: “Having an existing polycarbonate roof, this very large conservatory was too hot in summer and too cold to use in the winter months. The new Ultraroof has updated the appearance of the conservatory, turning it into more of an extension of the main house, and will ensure our customer gets better use out of their conservatory, all year round.”

Ultraframe marketing director, Alex Hewitt, said: “Our Ultraroof system is a fantastic choice for a conservatory roof replacement project such as this one.

“Ultraroof has transformed an aging conservatory with heat control issues into a modern, energy efficient extension that is the same temperature as any other room in the house at any time of year. Green and Heritage Roofing came up with a stunning design that altered the roof shape slightly and the result is outstanding. Huge congratulations to the Green and Heritage Roofing team for creating such a beautiful new living space and being recognised for their workmanship at the Pitched Roofing Awards.”

Ultraroof is said to be the most thermally efficient solid roof on the market and exceeds Building Regulations with a ‘U’ Value as low as 0.13.

According to Ultraframe, it is also the lightest and strongest solid roof on the market, making it easy for fitters to handle and can be used for designs of any shape or size. Additionally, Ultraframe says the speed of building an Ultraroof can be ‘several days faster’ than comparable roof systems thanks to it being 100% prefabricated.

On-site support is available for every first installation, along with a host of other support to assist installers with surveying, selling, and building the award-winning solid roof.