Training to fit

Fenestration assessors from GQA Approved Centres have been trained in the theory and application of TruFit impregnated expanding foam installation tape from Edgetech UK.

The training was given by Richard Willetts, divisional sales and technical manager at Tremco Illbruck, Edgetech’s manufacturing partner for TruFit. It was held at Tremco Illbruck’s training facility, which includes a hands-on space to install windows.

Martin Sadler, technical officer and external quality advisor at GQA, said: “Our fenestration assessors are seeing TruFit used more and more when assessing installers onsite.

“We know there’s been an increase in the use of impregnated foam installation tapes since the recent revision of the BS8213-4:2016 standards. The revision sees foam fitting tapes, like TruFit, added to the code of practice for the survey and installation of windows and doors.

“The training gave the assessors the knowledge to make sure everything is being installed correctly. Fenestration assessors also ask installers questions about how installation foam tapes work and the benefits it provides.

“We look to test the knowledge of installers applying for or updating their GQA Continued Competence Card. Now we can assess their understanding of how TruFit seals the window perimeter and how it makes it weatherproof.”