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Building on its #SashShots picture campaign, Roseview is encouraging its installers to take part in its #SashSelfies competition.

To enter the competition, and to be in with a chance of winning a small prize, installers need to take a selfie in front of the Rose Collection sash window they have just installed. Each month Roseview will choose a winning selfie to receive a prize, with the 12 winners put to a public vote to decide the winner of Selfie of the Year.

“The competition stemmed from a conversation we were having with some customers on social media and we thought it was a great idea,” Mike Bygrave, Roseview’s marketing manager, said. “We were talking about our #SashShots competition, and someone came up with #SashSelfies. We loved the idea so we decided to go ahead and do it.”

The Rose Collection is comprised of three models that provide a timber-effect sash window at a number of price points.

The #SashSelfies competition builds on Roseview’s earlier #SashShots Installation of the Month competition which asked installers to take shots of their finished Rose Collection projects. Each month one entrant received a bottle a bubbly, with a DSLR camera the prize for the SashShot of the Year.

“We manufacture thousands of beautiful sash windows and we don’t always get to see them in their full glory,” Mike said. “Competitions like #SashSelfies and #SashShots gives us a chance to see them out in the wild, while rewarding the hard work of our installers.”


Danny and Jason from Osborn Glass, February’s #SashSelfies winners.

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