Sheerline highlights carbon levy on aluminium

Sheerline has highlighted the UK Government’s plans to introduce a carbon levy, which it says could have big implications for importers of carbon intensive products like aluminium.

As a Made in Britain member, Sheerline sources its aluminium from with the UK to keep its carbon footprint low while also removing the potential for shipping delays or import taxes. It also recycles all its offcuts as part of a closed-loop manufacturing process.

According to Sheerline, recent reports suggest that the Carbon Levy may come into effect by 2027. The company adds that many system companies have been caught ‘flat footed’, as decarbonisation climbs the agenda, powered by a probable change of government later this year.

Sheerline says that fabricators within the fenestration industry must carefully review their suppliers ahead of time to avoid increased costs.

Ross Hartshorn, technical production director, commented: “Sheerline is ready for the future, but many manufacturers will struggle in the coming months and years because the carbon levy has the potential to shake up the UK aluminium market, which extends to the fenestration industry.

“Our priority is ensuring our fabricators know that when they choose Sheerline, they’re choosing simplicity.

“We are a one-stop supplier of whole-house premium aluminium solutions that are designed, extruded, moulded, painted, and assembled in-house. We’re the obvious choice for fabricators who want to embrace that simplicity,” he added.