Security risk

Some companies are selling imitation Fullex centre cases and marketing them with the Fullex logo.

Parent company UAP reported its findings after exhibiting at the recent MLA exhibition.

“These counterfeit goods are not made to the same standards as genuine Fullex products,” David Jennings, CEO of UAP, said. “As a result, they do not offer the same level of performance, security, protection and quality.

“We are giving notice to all resellers of fake Fullex products that we will be taking action against anyone who is purporting to sell Fullex products that are not genuine.”

David said the only way to ensure that the product is not a counterfeit is to look for the genuine Fullex logo stamp on the lock case.All genuine Fullex cases now come in fully branded boxes for easy identification and protection.

“We are hopeful that anyone who has been selling fake Fullex locks has now removed them from sale,” David said. “To sell and buy these fake locks puts security at risk.

“Security is at the heart of our business.All our products are Secured by Design and PAS 24 approved.That is why we are taking a stand against counterfeit goods.They not only compromise everything that Fullex stands for but they compromise public safety.”