Perfect opportunity for installers

Steve Hacking, managing director of SupaLite, says technological advances have a habit of reinvigorating any industry and it has had a big role to play in the conservatory market. So much so that a replacement roof is often all a conservatory needs to get it functioning properly.

The enhancements and qualities a solid conservatory roof can add to a home has seen customer demand rise for this type of home improvement product, and this is reflected greatly within homeowners online.

And with Google search trends for solid conservatory roofs peaking in September for 2020, there’s little doubt that the replacement conservatory roof market provides the perfect opportunity for installers to make their mark.

When conservatories first became popular in the 1980s, most were fitted using a poor-performance polycarbonate roof. The problem is the quality and performance capabilities of polycarbonate has begun to deteriorate, meaning very few people are using a polycarbonate conservatory all year round.

That means there are thousands of ageing and outdated conservatories with worn-out polycarbonate roofs in the UK that will be due for refurbishment because they are susceptible to leaking, are extremely cold in the winter, and provide poor thermal efficiency.

Being able to use a conservatory all year round is now hugely desirable for homeowners, and solid/tiled roofs can provide that transformation.

Solid/tiled roofs have allowed the conservatory to become an integral part of the house again thanks to keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

This has increased the popularity of having a high-quality roof conservatory roof replacement, while homeowners who are inheriting older conservatories realise that replacing the roof is a cheaper option than replacing the whole thing.

Although the popular jump is from polycarbonate to tiled, more consumers are wanting to go from polycarbonate to glass or lantern type roofs.

It’s why SupaLite’s Sky Vista is providing a fantastic route to market for ambitious installers. The hybrid roof system combines SupaLite’s lightweight tiled roof with high-performance glazed panels, giving homeowners the thermal performance of a SupaLite system, while benefiting from higher levels of natural light.

Sky Vista has excellent U-value properties and effective solar control, meaning homeowners can regulate the temperature of their conservatory while allowing plenty of natural light to flow through.

Homeowners are also moving towards glass roofs, which provide large influxes of natural sunlight and excellent thermal efficiency to lower heating bills. Another plus is there is no maintenance involved as the glass is self-cleaning.

The prospect of a rejuvenated conservatory, lower energy bills (not to mention the potential to add £thousands to the value of the property) is proving to be a powerful proposition for homeowners nationwide.

It means there are fantastic opportunities available for ambitious installers in the replacement roof market. Homeowners want to add more space, whether through converting their inefficient conservatory with a solid replacement roof or investing in a brand-new conservatory, complete with a high-performance tiled roof.

It’s a valuable root to market and could be a reason why customers choose a competitor ahead of you when their thoughts turn to improving their conservatory.