Outdated vehicles replaced

Apeer has upgraded its fleet to include three newly branded Mercedes Sprinter delivery vans, which have been brought in to replace three of the company’s more outdated vehicles.
Their branding design, which displays Apeer doors on one side and the company’s Lumi windows on the other, was developed in-house by Apeer’s marketing team and is a continuation of the company’s aesthetic updates made to both of its websites and brochures earlier in the year.
“We have received a really positive response from customers that have seen the new vehicles out on the road,” said marketing manager Linda Tomb. “One of our drivers has even been stopped while parked at a local petrol station by someone asking where he could get the windows from. This has since developed in to a potential lead for us so we might need to start arming our delivery drivers with some sales skills.”
Director, Asa McGillian said: “Not only do the vans look great with the fresh branding, but the van model we chose is also significantly better on both emissions and fuel efficiency which actively contributes to improving our company’s carbon footprint.”