New year, new orders

Euroseal has won two new major orders, worth more than £2 million combined.

Chris Byers, managing director Euroseal, said: “Winning two very substantial contracts right at the beginning of the year, puts us in very good stead right at the outset.

“That in turn means that we have the confidence in the market to sustain our continuing programme of investment, switching on new lines, as well as expanding our operation to deliver increased capacity.”

This includes the six-figure investment made by the specialist extruder in a new twin-screw extrusion line, mezzanine floor and the construction of a new tooling design workshop and servicing facility.

Euroseal’s fifth twin screw line (together with a further four single screw lines) gives Euroseal a high level of service and product flexibility, Chris said.

“We’re seeing a lot of peaks and troughs in the market at present,” he said. “That clearly presents a number of challenges for us or anyone else.

“Where we’re perhaps benefitting is that if you are at capacity or want to bring a new product to market as a systems company or building products specialist, those peaks and troughs make it difficult to justify that capital investment.

“And that’s really where we come in. We become an extension of their own operations; we work in partnership with our customers and to their processes and their own standards, giving them that capacity without the cost or the potential risks associated with major capital investment.”