New branding and website launched

Sierra Windows is in the midst of a rebrand which, says the company, better reflects what it is capable of achieving.

The new look, characterised by a Dartmoor stag that echoes Sierra’s rural British heritage, was revealed when the company unveiled its new website in February –

“We’re a forward-thinking company – we’re driven to do more, to do it better and more efficiently,” explained Sierra’s marketing manager Debbie Turvey. “This rebrand is our stake in the ground. We know we have a fantastic service offering – now we have the branding to match.

“The changes we’re making to our brand won’t just make a big difference to our customers, they’ll give everyone that works here a renewed sense of pride in what we do, and what we’re capable of doing in the future.”

Chris Brooks, Sierra’s general manager, said: “The changes we’ve been making as a company are really positive. As a business we recognise the need to continually reflect and align our organisational capabilities to meet the needs of an ever changing market place.

“With the new range of products, new equipment and investment in our people we target continual improvement within our operational environment striving for operational excellence to deliver the best in class for our customers.”