Euroglaze aiming for zero errors with new despatch system

Barnsley based Rehau fabricator Euroglaze is aiming for zero items missing this month as it completes the first phase of its new barcoded despatch system.

Customers ordering from Euroglaze can now be assured that all frames, ancillaries and cut items in every order have been checked, packed, barcoded and labelled, and that every step in that process has been recorded on camera so that any queries can be resolved almost instantly.  

All the items are labelled with the customer’s own reference and job number and not just the Euroglaze barcode, so that they can easily keep track of what has been received.

Implemented by Euroglaze’s newly appointed despatch manager Wayne Elkin, the new loading system is designed to ensure that no van can leave Euroglaze without every order being complete and in full.

Pete Weston, of trade counter outlet AAC Weston in Western Super Mare, which has been a Euroglaze customer for several years, says that his business has already benefited from the new system.

“We’ve got complete reassurance now that every order is complete,” he said. “Obviously, this is helping us to give an even better service to our trade customers and we’ve seen a 90% drop in call backs. Because every item in the delivery is so clearly labelled and all of the bags of ancillaries are heat sealed, things just can’t get lost or muddled up. And, now that Euroglaze are videoing the whole packing process, any queries which do arise can be sorted straightaway.”

Euroglaze’s managing director Martin Nettleton said: “It’s part of a much larger programme which will see us moving more towards barcode driven production over the coming year and a more efficient paperless order processing system designed to reduce the time we spend on admin.”

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