New acoustic rating

Bluesky Certification has launched a new noise rating label for windows and doors.

The label allows manufacturers to demonstrate the acoustic performance of their products in a format that is easy for consumers to understand, the company said..

Simon Beer, managing director, said: “We are increasingly being told that acoustics is now being considered as part of the buying decision. However, it is often difficult for purchasers to identify what performance is appropriate.

“Our new rating makes it easier to do this and allows manufacturers and installers to demonstrate the performance of their products in a format that is easy to understand. One of the original selling points of double glazing was noise reduction, but things have moved on from then.

“With housing developments being more densely packed together, noise is now a big issue, and acoustic performance is something that can give a reason to replace existing double glazed windows.”

The noise rating design is trademarked to Bluesky Certification and is only available to manufacturers that have joined its scheme for acoustic windows and doorsets. The scheme is based on testing of the whole window or door design, followed by FPC audit visits and ongoing tests to confirm that the manufactured product conforms to the original tested specification.