New 2030 sustainability programme

VinylPlus brought together over 180 participants from 24 countries at its virtual VinylPlus Sustainability Forum (VSF), which showcased the PVC industry’s major achievements and plans to build the new sustainability programme towards 2030.

VinylPlus is the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry.

VinylPlus managing director Brigitte Dero outlined VinylPlus’ success in tackling sustainability challenges, embracing the circular economy, and addressing issues such as safe recycling to further advance the circularity of PVC.

Kirsi Ekroth-Manssila, head of unit at DG Grow, praised the “commitment and the proactive role” of VinylPlus in the Circular Plastics Alliance.

“In addressing the environmental concerns of PVC, VinylPlus and the industry came up with an ambitious and forward-looking approach: to organise, cooperate and communicate with the whole value chain, from the producer to the downstream user and the waste manager,” she said.