Motion capture

Universal Arches will bring Motion Capture (MoCap) technology to the FIT Show, which will transform a hidden, live human performance into a “pure, interactive and digital experience”.

Archie and Sasha will be the two life-like digital assistants on the Universal Arches stand, which will dazzle visitors in terms of interactive technology and product finish in a unique colourway, this year with a distinctly metallic theme.

There will also be a set of arched Solidor composite french doors, and with every visitor to the show given a lanyard with a unique key, there will be the opportunity to try and open the doorset to claim an Apple iPad.

The virtual characters of Archie and Sasha have full mobility and have all the expressions and features that you would associate with an animated video character in the movies, except this one interacts and talks back to the audience live on stage.

Leon Day, managing director of Universal Arches, said: “It will be our staff that will drive our FIT Show exhibition this year with the likes of Caitlin and Kayleigh on hand each day and supported by our virtual assistants of Archie and Sasha. With our sponsorship again of the lanyards, we’re also looking to break the record breaking footfall of 3,217 from last year’s show.”


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