Could modular homes be the answer?

Modular homes could meet the demand for new housing, according to a director of a window installation company based in the south east of England.

Last year the government set a target of building 240,000 homes but only around 120,000 were built.

Off-site built homes can be produced in half the time of traditional constructed homes and reduce the requirement for skilled labour.

Modular homes have become widespread in European locations such as Scandinavia, where they have provided an answer to quicker build times, tighter controls for developers and cost-effective homes for the end user.

“Modular homes have gained a bad reputation over the years for their quality and perhaps haven’t been taken seriously by the industry or potential buyers, but this is changing,” Michele Wietscher, director of Newview Windows and Conservatories, said.

“Recently a 48-home modular housing scheme in Manchester has been sold and occupied, showing buyer interest is definitely there as well as the opportunity for similar schemes across the UK.”

While a modular home can be up to 15% cheaper than a traditionally built one, the lack of customisation can be a turn-off for potential buyers.

Also, the components used to construct modular homes are typically imported, while traditionally built houses source 80% of materials domestically.


Michele Wietscher, director of Newview Windows and Conservatories.

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