More reasons for entering

There are now more reasons for entering the Schueco Excellence Awards for Design and Innovation, the company has said, thanks to improvements introduced for the 2018 competition.

This year, Schueco UK’s new co-sponsor, Architecture Today, has promised greater promotional opportunities for the winners and short-listed finalists in the competition.

Videos of the winning entries will be shown at the Gala Luncheon celebrating the awards. They will also be featured in an AT supplement and on websites.

A second live Excellence Awards event will be staged at a London venue. This will take the form of a half-day technical seminar at which expert speakers will review some of the winning entries and provide in-depth analysis focusing on the collaboration, expertise and product design of each project.

The 2018 Schueco Excellence Awards Gala Luncheon will take place on June 21 at the Saatchi Gallery, off the King’s Road in London. Every company that submits an entry will be invited to attend, free of charge.