Market success

Following the growth of the bifolding door market over the past few years, an aluminium manufacturing and installation company claims this trend is set to continue into 2017, with the demand for quality bifold doors only increasing.

AB Glass has noted a significant rise in requests for aluminium bifold doors on numerous projects over the past two years. These include: Howell’s School, Cardiff; Coleston Hall, Bristol; St Anne’s Primary School, Western-super-Mare; and the Marine Towers Observatory, Swansea.

The company suggests bifold doors’ popularity is a result of the contemporary design, light and durability these light-weight aluminium doors offer.

According to AMA Research’s Bifold Doors Market Report, current forecasts indicate steady to good growth into the medium term with the bifold doors market growing by around 7% a year to 2020.

The research also showed in the commercial office sector, bifolds have increased in use as interior doors, as they offer natural light and can be tailored to enable rooms to be easily expanded or contracted.

Alan Brayley, managing director of AB Glass, said: “We have had to put measures in place to ensure we are meeting demand for bifold doors, including employing a further two permanent members of staff within the last four months due increased sales. We believe the market for bifold doors will only grow as we enter the new year.”