Major milestone

DGCOS is celebrating two years of partnership with Assure Certification, which recently hit the milestone of issuing 50,000 certificates to homeowners.

Tony Pickup, founder of DGCOS, said: “Good business practice often involves partnering with like-minded organisations to offer installers a synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is exactly what members tell us we’ve achieved through our partnership with Assure.

“The arrangement is all about offering mutual benefits while never taking our eye of DGCOS’s ultimate goal: to lead the field on consumer advice and protection. The dovetailing of both our businesses’ objectives works perfectly.”

Austin Greene, Assure’s managing director, said: “Our installers tell us that we take the pain out of what can be the necessary chore of self-certifying jobs. After a hard day’s fitting on site, sometimes the last thing installers want to do is get stuck into reams of paperwork. That’s why, unlike some schemes, we offer a one-stage, single entry process whereby installer members of DGCOS can register their jobs through the DGCOS portal. These then get sent directly to Assure for certification, and we aim to issue the Homeowner Building Regulation Certificate to customers within 24 hours.”