Keeping the production line going

Euramax IGU line
Euramax IGU line
Euramax IGU line
Euramax IGU line

Edgetech’s products and customer service have a played a key role in Euramax Solutions’ manufacturing efficiency throughout the pandemic.

The Barnsley-based company, which manufacturers and supplies PVC-U windows and doors to the off-site and modular construction, DIY and home improvement, new build and holiday home markets, has been an Edgetech customer for over 13 years.

Euramax Solutions managing director, Nick Cowley, commented: “We started working with Edgetech in 2008, and since then, they’ve been supplying us with their very high-quality Super Spacer warm-edge spacer bars, which we use in the glass units for all our products across our holiday home, DIY, and modular ranges.

“During the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, we stopped manufacturing altogether, but when we returned, Edgetech was just as reliable as ever, helping to keep our production line going during a very challenging period rife with supply chain disruptions.

“Today we’re making around 4,000 frames per week, and in order to make that happen, our manufacturing process needs to be as efficient as possible.

“Edgetech’s Super Spacer doesn’t need to be cut into bar length form, doesn’t need to have a PIB primary seal applied, and doesn’t need to be filled with desiccant, allowing us to really streamline our processes.”

Super Spacer is said to be one of the best IGU perimeter insulators on the market, preventing heat loss and ensuring windows and doors achieve high energy ratings and lower energy costs, thanks to its low conductivity.

The dual seal insulating glass spacer system uses high-performance acrylic adhesive, and is backed by a multi-layer moisture vapour seal, reducing window U-values by up to 0.2W/m²K and noise pollution by up to 2dB.

Edgetech managing director, Chris Alderson, commented: “Since partnering with Euramax Solutions, we’ve been delighted to supply such an innovative company in the industry with our products, and we were proud to have supported them through the challenges of lockdown.

“We’re delighted that the company is happy with the service they’ve received from us – it’s a testament to our commitment to delivering fantastic products at affordable prices, while maintaining great customer relations.

“We hope to continue this level of service with Euramax Solutions – and all our customers – for many years to come.”