International voice

Rapierstar has made the voice of the UK door and window industry heard at an international level at one of the most important events in the global fastener industry’s calendar.

US import tariffs, China’s influence in global trade, raw material prices, and Brexit were among the hot topics dominating the agenda at the sixth triennial EFDA (European Fastener Distributor Association) Conference, which took place recently in Rotterdam.

Rapierstar joined senior representatives from Europe’s leading fastener importers and distributors, together with the world’s major fastener manufacturing economies, to debate how the industry is adapting to optimise fastener supply in a rapidly changing world.

David Furness, managing director of Rapierstar, was one of 120 delegates who attended the conference with his colleagues, as part of a delegation representing the British and Irish fastener distribution sector brought together under trade body BIAFD (British and Irish Association of Fastener Distributors).

David said: “It’s vitally important that we are engaged with the global fastener industry and in great shape to handle the challenges that politicians, legislators and market conditions present. The supply chain for the vast majority of the components used in UK and Irish manufacturing is global and susceptible to issues that we may think are detached from our everyday worlds.

“However, I’m sure the recent high-profile moves by the US government to impose tariffs on its imports has brought home the challenges we face. That’s why we must stay close to our international supply chain partners in the fight to defend free trade, share experiences, and learn from best practice from across the globe.

“This ensures that our customers can benefit from superb quality products delivered on time if full, error-free, with total confidence.”