A full house

Kolorseal has noted a trend for colour matching windows, doors and roofline products to create an overall suited look on a property.

Deborah Hendry, MD of Kolorseal, said: “We’ve been colour coating a wide array of products for a long time now, but increasingly we’re being asking for the complete package of matching windows, doors and roofline products.

“As the trend for colour continues, and more coloured windows and doors appear in housing estates new and old around the country, homeowners are looking to create an overall suited look to their properties to stand out from their neighbours. This full suite approach also offers an opportunity for fabricators and installers because they can proactively offer a complete home makeover to differentiate themselves from the competition.

“With some companies already reporting that 60% of their sales are coloured products, now is the time to be thinking of new ways to stay ahead. That’s why Kolorseal keeps a full range of roofline products in stock, which can be co-ordinated to meet any windows and door order.”