Guaranteed delivery

Rehau trade fabricator Euroglaze has launched a new delivery tracking system, which it says guarantees that everything in a customer’s order will be delivered in full, every time.

The system works alongside the barcode scanning system already in use in its factory. Its despatch team now scans every item being delivered as it is loaded onto vehicles and then again as it is being unloaded at a customer’s premises.

It will only allow the Euroglaze driver to collect a signature for that delivery on the tablet he is carrying, once every single item in that order has been fully and correctly unloaded.

The system completely does away with any possibility that an item could be delivered to the wrong customer, or that anything from that order could be left behind on the van. It even makes a reassuring ping every time a correct item is scanned and a fairly alarming beep if that item is scanned twice or if something for a different customer is scanned by mistake.

From a customer’s perspective, it provides reassurance that what they receive from Euroglaze will be exactly what they are expecting, and means they don’t waste time chasing missing items, or risk damage to their reputation because they have incomplete orders supplied to them.

Euroglaze’s managing director Martin Nettleton said: “Our vehicles make around 40 deliveries every week across the whole of the UK, so this represents a very major change for us. We have developed this system in partnership with several key customers and the feedback we have already had has been outstanding.”