Glass company grows

Halsall Glass recently relocated to a larger 20,000ft2 facility, invested in a laminating oven with four beds 3,500mm x 1,980mm, and upgraded its in-house painting facility.

The final piece in the jigsaw was the installation of a toughing plant, complete with its own generator.

The company’s recent growth has also seen the need for an additional Intermac Master 30 CNC, and another vehicle – a twin wheel base Luton Body Ford Transit.

“With any growing business you need to look at the full picture,” sales director Steve Dakin said. “Growing our production facility and increasing capacity is only part of the picture, we have to make sure that our customers receive their orders on time. Any delays can cause chaos with a project such as a retail refurbishment where delays with glass display units could result in the outlet opening a few days late and losing revenue in lost sales.

“We have purposely left the new vehicle plain white and not branded it with the Halsall logo on behalf of our customers, some of whom are involved in glass processing.”

The new vehicle is suitably fitted out for glass transportation. Elements such as a drop or sudden change in temperature, particularly in the winter months can have a detrimental effect. All these variables have to be taken into account including the weight of the item, even a small free standing shelving system in 10mm glass can weigh a great deal.