Emmegi (UK) is giving away a free TKE259 sealant applicator worth £3,000 with every Itaca Solution crimper ordered on the stand.

The crimping machine and applicator work perfectly together, and the TKE259 even now comes with low cost consumables direct from Emmegi (UK) for the first time.

Tthe Atla Coop Itaca Solution NC controlled crimping machine featured on the Emmegi stand at the FIT Show in 2014, and since then it has gone on to become one of Emmegi’s best-selling lines.

It’s particularly popular with fabricators who use several different aluminium systems because it allows them to switch between profiles without having to manually set it every time. A 12-axis NC control system does the reset in minutes instead of hours.

The crimper can accommodate virtually any size or shape of aluminium profile up to 120mm high, and two fully adjustable blades allow it to be used for crimping stepped profiles without any additional special tooling.

Emmegi customers report that they get payback on the crimper in just a few months and many now have several of them operating in their factories. This includes the likes of: Alu-Tec, Everglade, Marshall Brown and Window Warehouse.