PVCU debut for ali company

Machinery manufacturer Elumatec is coming to the FIT Show, but not in the form that many might expect. Managing director Phil Heavey explains.

While Elumatec made its name supplying machines that manufacture aluminium profile, at the FIT Show, the firm’s stand will be dominated by products that machine PVCU.

We’ve been delighted by the level of success we’ve been able to achieve, in the aluminium machinery market. It will always be a central part of our business. But we’ve got big ambitions for the future – and the UK PVCU market presents an enormous opportunity for us.

We’ve always had a PVCU machining range at Elumatec. But now we’ve partnered with Stürtz to significantly expand that range.

We’re now able to supply a number of fantastic Stürtz products. Take the Stürtz FlexCentre 160 as an example. It’s a highly advanced cutting and machining centre for PVCU window and door production. Boasting a six-axis machining module and a triple sawing unit, it’s one of the most versatile products in its class, while the automatic preload of profile bars and off-load conveyor belt maximise productivity and efficiency.

Then there’s the Stürtz TXR 3/2 Corner Transom Cleaner – a product that fully automates the cleaning of corners, transoms and crucifix welds. Spring-loaded knife units allow for unparalleled accuracy, while flexible tooling options allow the machine to be quickly adapted for different purposes.

With the Stürtz Contourline, we can offer something other machinery companies can’t. We’ve all seen how seamless, timber-style PVCU corner welds have grown in popularity in recent years, with fabricators seeking to capitalise on booming demand at the high end of the market. Most products that can achieve this kind of finish do so during the welding process – which extends the manufacturing process quite considerably. The Stürtz Contourline achieves the same effect – but does so much more quickly and cost-effectively using tooling.

At the FIT Show, we will have the chance to introduce these latest offerings to a captive audience made up of the most influential people in UK fenestration – but while our diversified PVCU machining portfolio will make up the lion’s share of the products on our stand, a number of examples of our machining line will be on display too.

We’re also really looking forward to showcasing one of the newest and most advanced entries in our flagship SBZ range: the SBZ 122/74, a four-axis CNC. But there’s more to Elumatec than just the machinery products themselves. It’s partly our software and technical support that helps stand us out from the crowd – and on the stand in Birmingham we’ll be showing off the latest innovation made by our in-house software development arm, elusoft.

eluCloud allows fabricators to collate and evaluate production data, offering them a valuable way of monitoring how efficient their machines are.

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