Get into aluminium with KallKwik

Following Insight Data’s State of the Industry Report showing that the number of aluminium manufacturers is growing fast, KallKwik says it wants to urge fabricators to invest in aluminium manufacturing to maximise their profits and grow their businesses.

The company also wants to ‘debunk the myth’ that aluminium fabrication is costly, adding that it actually boasts higher profit margins compared to PVC-U, presenting fabricators with a promising avenue for business growth.

It also claims that the wider range of aluminium systems that can be produced offers a more diverse range of products.

Andy Worroll, business development manager at KallKwik, said: “The misconception that aluminium manufacturing is costly and difficult is just not true. With a decent mitre saw, crimpers, and the right knowledge, fabricators can seamlessly integrate aluminium into their operations.

“We are a reliable partner for companies looking to diversify their ranges and give their customers more choices. We offer an amazing range of machines, including top-quality, budget-friendly equipment from Schtec. KallKwik also provides expert guidance to optimise factory layouts, consult on machine acquisitions, and offer essential after-sales support.”

Andy continued: “At KallKwik, we understand the concerns fabricators may have. Our goal is to make the transition into aluminium manufacturing as smooth as possible. With the exceptional range from Schtec and our expert advice, fabricators have a winning combination to expand their product offerings and maximise their profits.”