Leads 2 Trade updates ‘Lead Vault’

Leads 2 Trade, the supplier of double qualified home improvement sales leads, has updated its ‘Lead Vault’ to provide installer members with another avenue to buy leads – whatever their size and budget.

It will feature a range of lead types, from qualified with notes, exclusive to non-exclusive sold to you and a maximum of one other, and web qualified forms from its comparison websites, all priced accordingly.

Andy Royle, director of Leads 2 Trade, explained: “We launched the lead vault originally in 2019 and during Covid we used it to advertise leads for the percentage of installers who still wanted to buy leads whilst we were closed.

“Our premium, appointed no pitch no fee leads have proven very popular, but we realised that they are not suitable for all installers who may, for example, want to book their own appointments.

“We get a lot of enquiries a month from installers who want to join our network, but they don’t necessarily fit the profile of a premium customer – they might be new start-ups, or are not in a position to cover whole postcodes and can’t commit to a certain minimum number of leads per week,” continued Andy.

“We know it’s not one size fits all, and the Lead Vault will appeal to that different type of lead buyer as well as our existing members who want to top their lead volumes up or who may want different lead types with pricing to reflect that. There are no minimum orders or weekly commitments, installers can pick and choose the leads they want, when they want.”

Leads will only stay in the Lead Vault for a maximum of three days so they don’t go stale, with a timer counting down from 72 hours, and members will be able to choose multiple leads and add them to their cart to checkout like an e-commerce website. The price of the leads will be from as little as £15 making them more affordable to a wider lead buyer audience.

Any new installers will still need to meet certain criteria to register for the Lead Vault, including being registered with their industry body, trading for a minimum period and have an existing web presence with reviews.

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