Factory expansion

Veka Recycling has increased its production space to 20,000ft2 following the completion of a project to add a sizeable extension to its existing factory.

The build contributes to an ongoing investment programme by the company which, to date, totals £6 million.

Veka Recycling moved to Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, from Kent at the end of 2018 with ambitions to grow and develop in-house capabilities. The company strives to “fight the prejudices against PVCU in the modern home improvement industry” by recycling used PVCU windows and doors and creating materials that can be extruded into new products without compromising quality or performance.

Simon Scholes, managing director at Veka Recycling, said: “Now we have had sufficient time to establish ourselves at the new Wellingborough site, this construction phase is ‘the big push’ to help reach our final phase of investment, due later this year. The financial decisions we have taken are bold but reflect our ethos and commitment to combatting environmental issues – the more we can work to close the gap on PVCU recycling, the better for everyone across the industry.

“With the public increasingly showing grave concern for the future of our planet, installers and fabricators can with confidence, share the knowledge that used materials are disposed of responsibly, and will give life to new products.”

Veka also plans to invest more broadly, including purchasing new machinery, and expanding and further upskilling its staff.

“By the end of 2020, we will have spent a further £4 million on making Veka Recycling the biggest name in the UK and keeping end-of-life PVCU out of landfill, while offering a cost-effective alternative to our customers,” Simon said.