Fabricators urged to ‘unplug and partner’

TruFrame is encouraging fabricators to unplug their machinery and to partner with them.

As fabricators look at the need for costly new capital equipment, there’s often a decision to be made and that’s why several have taken the decision to buy-in from TruFrame, which can put a bespoke changeover programme in place, so that when the machines are switched off on a Friday, PVCU frames can arrive the following week.

TruFrame can offer a bespoke online ordering system that now takes account of nearly 60% of all orders, helping to reduce paperwork and double entry of orders and is used through desktop, tablet or mobile devices 365 days a year.

A new targeted campaign is already underway, encouraging companies to visit a dedicated microsite at www.stopfabricating.co.uk, highlighting a number of reasons to choose TruFrame as a trade partner. There’s also a ‘Complete Package’ video highlighting the further merits of partnering up with TruFrame on its YouTube channel, which also includes other company related information.

David Firmager, managing director of TruFrame, said: “This latest campaign is purely targeted at fabricators who no longer want the risk of the considerable investment in capital equipment. We can offer hand-finished frames, exemplary levels of customer service and a marketing programme designed to increase sales, all wrapped up in a carefully structured changeover package.”