Expert-led webinars

Saint-Gobain Glass is delivering online training to architects, facade fabricators and specifiers during the government lockdown with a range of free glass and facade focused webinars.

Created in response to a significant volume of requests for glass specification and technical training, Saint-Gobain Glass’s online seminars and training sessions will be accompanied by weekly interviews with experts to discuss all things glass, and more.

Saint-Gobain Glass’s current webinar schedule includes CPDs every Tuesday at 1pm, glass surgeries every Tuesday at 4pm, and ‘Live@5’ on Thursdays at 5pm.

Saint-Gobain Glass head of major projects David Entwistle will be joined by a different Saint-Gobain technical expert every week to answer any building glass questions for the glass surgeries, while the more informal Live@5 interviews will feature special guests from the world of construction.

The company will announce new webinar topics and guests weekly.

Lauren Whittaker, market manager for the commercial sector at Saint-Gobain Glass said: “When the government lockdown was announced, we were approached by a number of people looking for a way to maintain and build connections and knowledge during this time.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide support and training particularly regarding glazing and facade specification, and it’s been great to see the fantastic support we quickly gained following the launch of the initiative earlier this month, with hundreds of attendees joining the webinars so far. There is something for everyone, from architects and specifiers to facade fabricators and glass processors and everyone in-between.”

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 Saint-Gobain Glass taken all possible steps to protect the health and well-being of our customers, colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Marketing director Mike Butterick said: “Our main Saint-Gobain Glass manufacturing site at Eggborough has been significantly scaled back so that our glass coating, lamination and glass production lines have temporarily ceased production. As you would expect, our glass furnace is being made safe and stable in an appropriate way so that production can resume in the future.

“We have implemented an extensive range of measures to protect our colleagues that continue to work at Eggborough to manage our furnace, this includes compliance to all government guidelines on separation and social distancing.”

Meanwhile, the company’s glass distribution activity provides an important service to reactive-glazing service providers that support local and national institutions such as social care providers, medical facilities, local authorities and other parts of government infrastructure.

“We have therefore decided to keep open three of our distribution branches – our Northern Hub near Leeds, along with our sites in Derby and Thurrock, albeit on a significantly reduced staff and on reduced hours – in order to provide this essential service where required,” Mike said. “Along with our partners we are keeping these operations under review.”