Lockdown inspiration

The Residence Collection has published several educational e-mail bulletins designed to help installers with their marketing during lockdown.

These e-mails are reminders for installation partners about best practice and have been carefully presented in an informal way, the company said.

The bulletins have been presented as an opportunity for companies to review and analyse their businesses, and marketing is something that will be pivotal as the nation starts back to work, albeit slowly, in the coming weeks.

The first two bulletins focused on social media and photography tips.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection, said: “It is an unprecedented time for the nation as a whole, yet for our industry to thrive, we need to get back to doing what we do best in terms of sales, marketing and manufacture. These e-mails have been carefully collated, and have been presented in an informal way to help installation businesses as they look to return to work.

“As we come out of this position, it’s critical that businesses are fully visible to consumers, and a little investment in marketing now will pay dividends in the weeks and months to come.”


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