Energy refund

Neil Freeman and Phil Ager of Control Energy Costs (CEC) recently met Tyneside Safety Glass’s finance director Trevor Storey to confirm details of a £27,000 refund, and to discuss an ongoing working relationship.

CEC originally met managing director Chris Hannant, who was impressed with the number of glass manufacturers CEC was already working with, to agree a working arrangement where the company was paid based solely on results.

CEC’s initial review highlighted an issue with the underlying distribution charges being incorrect at one of their sites, and having taken the matter up with Northern Power Grid on behalf of Tyneside Safety Glass, a refund of £27,000 was secured with a further £9,000 to follow. Correcting the issue has also resulted in an ongoing saving of £6,000 a year.

While Tyneside had retained the services of a third party advisor for many years, CEC was able to find further savings and refunds, and will now manage the flexible energy contract.

Trevor Storey, finance director, said: “I’ve been delighted with the extensive analytical work that CEC have carried out. From initially meeting Liam Conway to having the report delivered by Neil Freeman and Phil Ager, the attention to detail and the drive to secure the refunds and savings for us has been exceptional. Energy for us is a significant cost and knowing it’s been looked after so diligently is comforting to us as a business.”