Easier to join

Fensa launched a new membership application form designed to simplify the process of becoming a Fensa Approved Installer.

The streamlined application format features a five-step process developed to make joining Fensa easier than ever, for both new members or those moving across from other Competent Persons Schemes.

Companies making the switch to Fensa from other schemes also enjoy the guarantee of there being no additional joining fee.

“Over the past six months, homeowner interest in Fensa has rocketed off the back of the TV campaign,” Chris Beedel, director of membership at Fensa, said. “They now understand the importance of a Fensa certificate and what it means. As a result of the increasing popularity we’ve streamlined our joining process to help installers win more work by being Fensa Approved.”

Fensa customer service manager Rachel Culpan said: “Our application process has always been straightforward but now it’s the most efficient it has ever been. The new Fensa online form takes less than five minutes to complete and, combined with the fact there’s no application fee if you’re switching from another competent person scheme, we’re seeing substantial numbers signing up to become a part of the Fensa community.”