Comp Door invests in production capabilities

Comp Door has reported ‘remarkable growth’ since producing its first door in March 2022, which it attributes to substantial investments in infrastructure, machinery, and personnel.

The company has expanded its production capacity from a modest starting point to 500 doors per week, and what started as a staff of just three has increased to 56 employees, with skilled personnel ‘across various departments’.

The company says it is continuously building on its machinery and production processes, including adding three CNC machines to its production that are designed to enhance precision and efficiency.

It has also installed an extra vacuum former; an additional wrapping machine; a new CNC corner cleaner; and a new edge bander, further improving the quality and finish of its composite doors.

Additionally, to cater to growing demand, Comp Door has acquired four new vans to facilitate the efficient delivery of its doors nationwide.

Richard Diliberto, sales director for Comp Door, said: “Comp Door’s success lies in its innovative approach to solving common issues that were rife in the composite door industry. Common issues like warping, weathering, and bowing, combined with subpar customer care used to be what defined composite doors, and we wanted to change that by making it our responsibility to transform the reputation of the industry.

“We have set a new benchmark for durability and longevity of composite doors, and our dedicated customer service team has been meticulously trained and deployed to provide a level of service previously uncharacteristic in our sector. This level of measured, responsible investment and dedication to excellence has been pivotal in reshaping the reputation of composite doors.”