Blue sky thinking

Glazerite has joined the newly established Bluesky Certification scheme in partnership with the Network Veka ACE initiative.

The company is the largest PVCU trade fabricator to sign up to Bluesky since the specialist certification body was launched last September.

Glazerite director Jason Thompson said: “This is an organisation with a fresh, modern approach that is committed to giving us far more than just a certificate to put on the wall.

“Among many other advantages, working with this partnership allows us to cascade data from Veka and Halo products without the need for type testing, which means any change of hardware is quick and easy.

“The cascading allows us to certificate a far wider range of hardware, providing us with enhanced flexibility on our product choice.

“There are many very real advantages with Bluesky Certification, all of which will be shared with our installer partners across the country, these namely being improved efficiencies and service, which can only benefit us all.”

The move also means that all three of the newly expanded group’s manufacturing sites will operate under the same scheme, which further streamlines the operation as a whole.

Simon Beer of Bluesky Certification said: “Our aim is to provide the industry with credible certification, a high level of service, at a competitive price, and we have enjoyed demonstrating this approach when working with Glazerite.”

Before setting up Bluesky, Simon has over 16 years’ experience in developing and running certification schemes, having worked for BM Trada Certification, where he developed and operated the majority of the BM Trada Q-Mark door, window and glass schemes, as well as implementing services such as IGU testing and training.