Aiming for perfect

Liniar has sent out a Net Promoter Score survey to over 300 of its fabricators as part of its commitment to keeping customers at the heart of everything the company does.

First mentioned in the Harvard Business Review in 2003, a Net Promoter Score determines a customer’s loyalty to a brand and gauges their overall satisfaction with that brand’s products or services.

A business’s score is valuable, as is the feedback received from customers in the process of determining the NPS. Word of mouth is no longer speaking to your neighbour over the fence, but sharing your feelings with the masses on a public forum, Liniar said.

Knowing how customers feel before something negative goes on social media is essential, and that’s why an NPS is so important.

With global brands such as Apple and John Lewis having Net Promoter Scores under 50, Liniar didn’t expect its score to be nearly ‘world class’ at 69.

While Liniar’s score isn’t perfect quite yet, it has provided a benchmark for continuous improvement and will now be carried out annually.

The brand has also learned a lot of useful input by giving its customers the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on every part of the business from deliveries and order processing to design and development.