40th anniversary celebrated

This year Roseview Windows celebrates its 40th anniversary since first opening for business in 1977, and while the company still resides just 50 yards from its first location in Olney much has changed.

Today the business fabricates 600 sash windows a week from a 25,000ft2 site, and employs a team of 85 people.

Roseview Windows was established at a time when PVCU was at the beginning of its own journey as a mainstream window material. But within a few years the firm began working with Rehau fabricating early casements and doors.

The collaboration between the two businesses continued when in 1985 Rehau began developing a new vertical slider sash window and Roseview Windows became the chosen fabricator, which the business believes makes them the first in the world to have manufactured a PVCU sash window.

The partnership was due in part to a representative of Rehau, Willie Kerr, who first approached Roseview Windows about working together on the project. Willie is now the managing director at the company.

“Roseview Windows has been built up as a quality brand, which has come through our work with Rehau and positioning ourselves as a high end business,” Willie said. “We have also had considerable growth through the provision of alternative PVCU products as well.

“Our position in the market means we don’t compete with other businesses. If customers don’t want to go ahead with us then that’s OK but we don’t compromise our service and that has definitely been a plus for us. They come to us because we are quality, and that is something we will continue.

“It’s been a great journey, from the businesses founding in 1977 to where we are now. We are looking forward to the next step and continued success.”

Glyn Rogers, head of sales window solutions southern for Rehau, said: “I have worked with Roseview Windows for some time now and over the years what has stood out for me is the ability of the business to provide solutions for unusual projects, which are extremely successful and offer fantastic results both in aesthetics and also in energy saving.”