Veka acheives SBD and PAS 24: 2022 on all products

Veka has certified its entire product range to the recently updated PAS 24: 2022 security standards, for double and triple-glazed products. Veka is reported to be the first systems house to achieve this certification.

The updated 2022 standard is said to be a comprehensive overhaul that aligns with the evolving methods and tools employed by criminals. It accomplishes this by considering the latest in criminal practices and introducing more sophisticated testing tools that mimic real-world threats.

“As the first systems house to achieve the PAS 24: 2022 certification on all products, our dedication to our consumers’ safety remains evident,” said Jack Scullion, product and innovation manager. “A key aspect in all new build developments is PAS24:2022 and with upcoming regulation changes imminent with the Future Homes Standards, this will likely include triple glazing.”

He continued: “Veka can provide solutions across all product ranges, and the latest PAS 24: 2022 Kitemarks will give our customers the ability to choose solutions with both double or triple glazing.”

Veka double and triple-glazed products are now also Secured by Design certified, which signifies that they meet rigorous security standards and are endorsed by the Police Preferred Specification scheme aimed at designing out crime.