Two new slabs from DoorCo for 2024

DoorCo has used its first ever Innovation Week to announce a ‘full portfolio’ of new launches, including the arrival of the new Eaton blank and the modification of the ¾ lite blank.

Technical and sales manager, Ian Glenister, said: “The Eaton slab has been designed to be the perfect hybrid between traditional and modern styles, as well as a real dream product for distribution customers.

“A one-of-a-kind entry to the market, Eaton will be available in our tallest, widest size ever (950mm x 2,100mm) with equal trimability at both the top and bottom of the slab, allowing the slab to be rotated 180 degrees and used both ways.

“This means from one slab, you can create multiple designs like the Eaton which has the square moulding at the top and the Knightsbridge with the twin verticals at the top. Furthermore, by cutting the twin vertical mouldings into a half-glazed aperture, we then create the Tatton.”

Marketing manager, Ellie Pool, added: “The Eaton door range really is one of our greatest launches yet. Not only does this single blank allow us to create a full range of new prepped doors, we’ve also redesigned the woodgrain finish to create a totally new and stunning affect. The new pointed moulding design also adds such a premium feel to the slab.”

Alongside the launch of Eaton is a modified version of the classic ¾ lite door.

Ian said: “After receiving feedback from customers and our own experiences of prepping the existing DoorCo ¾ lite blank, we decided it was time to modify and modernise this classic door style to make it more adaptable.

“We’ve simplified the mouldings to maximise the number of designs that can be made from the single blank. We have also updated the grain to an etched line detailing to give not only add more styles to the Eaton collection, but to give this product a more superior finish. Bringing together these two slabs creates a full new range of designs, which is also a great concept for our distribution customers.”

Ellie continued: “The new flush ¾ lite blank has lots of new design options that are inspired by traditional styles, but with a modern edge. We now get Gleneagles, Gleneagles Grid, Oulton, Kings and Grove from these simple yet essential modifications.

Ellie concluded: “The full range will be debuted in our new Original brochure in January, however, imagery of all blanks and complete door sets is now available for our customers to access on request.

“We will soon be sharing further communication with our customers on how and when they can order the products and will be supporting them with adding the new products to their marketing collateral.

“We anticipate that the industry will be as excited by this launch as we are, so we welcome enquiries from any businesses who don’t yet work with DoorCo, if this product is something they’d be keen to learn more about.”