Tommy Trinder reports high end demand

The desire amongst installers to target the top end of the market has become a primary reason for seeking new quoting software, according to latest findings from Tommy Trinder.

Tom Barfield, business development consultant to Tommy Trinder, says carried out more than 160 demos of the firm’s market leading sales app so far in 2024, 68% more than in the same period last year.

According to Tom, it’s the desire amongst installers to attract more high-end clients which is causing demand to sky-rocket.

“Back in the pandemic it was all about saving time. Installers, working all hours to keep up, turned to Tommy in the need for speed; as a means to get quotes out more efficiently. Quite honestly, installers just wanted their evenings and weekends back!

“But the going got tough, and installers have come to recognise that there’s more to winning hearts and wallets than simply getting a quote out of the door.

“This year has seen a surge in the number of firms on the hunt for software that will wow homeowners; tools to help position them at the upper end of the market selling quality products to discerning customers.”

Over 550 window installers are now said to use the Tommy Trinder quoting app, with more than 20 companies now signing up to use the app every month.

Chris Brunsdon, founder & CEO of Tommy Trinder, said: “The cost-of-living crisis has polarised the market and the difference between The Haves and Have Nots has never been more marked. The Have Nots, under 50s homeowners with mortgages and big outgoings, have been hit hard and left with little to spend on improving their properties.

“It’s price over quality in the bottom half of the market and it’s not pretty.

Meanwhile, The Haves, generally over 50s homeowners who’ve paid off or nearly paid off their mortgages, have been benefitting from 20 years of rising house prices and accumulating wealth. Price is secondary for this group because whatever they want, they can afford.

“Savvy installers know that servicing The Haves is the way to a sustainable future and have been actively seeking out software that will help them sell aluminium, timber, and top end PVC-U to these discerning customers. Tommy Trinder makes it easy to sell premium materials and premium features in a professional and engaging way. It’s proving to be the tool for the job.”