Made For Trade launch KwikCollect service

Made For Trade has launched KwikCollect, a service that’s designed to streamline operations for installers, saving them time and money.

The new service allows installers to order products online via a KwikQuote account and arrange a time for collection that best suits their work schedule.

According to Made For Trade, setting up a KwikQuote account is ‘very user friendly’ and once an order is processed, customers receive a confirmation email.

Orders received before 2pm can be collected on the same day, the following week, although orders must be collected within 10 days in order to avoid storage fees.

Standard colours and self-cleaning glass are available in the KwikCollect service, but laminated glass, blind glass and triple glazing are not.

Made For Trade says that KwikCollect gives installers a competitive edge on time sensitive projects and also allows them to better manage their schedules when juggling multiple projects as products can be collected at a time and place that suits them best – orders can be collected from any of the KwikCollect factory points.

And with a five-day turnaround option on collected items, installers are more in control of their projects, resulting in improved customer service.